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Why Love?

Why Love?

We Are Your Partners!

Mark Thomson leads a real estate development and management group providing private equity opportunities to a small group of investors. Just as important as what we ARE is what we are NOT. We are NOT syndicators or fund managers whose only intent is make money on management or transaction fees.

What We Are

Investing In Partnerships

We ARE highly selective about our acquisitions because we believe we can make a greater return investing in a small number of exceptional acquisitions rather than a large number of mediocre ones.

We like to invest with a small group per transaction because we view our investors as partners who hold us accountable as opposed to simple sources of equity.

What We Believe

Unique Investment Vehicles

Our partners benefit from strong annual returns, appreciation, and depreciation (cost segregation). Additionally, they can take comfort in owning a concrete asset that is worth what they put into it as opposed to riding the volatility of alternative investment classes.

In a  rising  interest rate environment investors will no longer earn appreciation through passive participation in real estate, but rather through active repositioning and hands on management.

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